Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sewing {S P A C E}

One of my hopes for the new year is to stay more organized. I like organization in all parts of my life, as I feel it is efficient, and I hope that it maximizes my time doing things I love with people I love, rather than dealing with stuff.

My sewing space is small, but has a lot of useable space. I just need to learn to use it.

Before I headed out for some end-of-year downtime, I spent some time cleaning and reorganizing my sewing area. I'm really happy with how things are now (and we won't discuss the fact that my spare bedroom is trashed with all the stuff I don't know what to do with or where to put!)

Here's hoping this space manages to stay clean and organized for most of 2012!

A bookcase full of wips/ufos

What is behind that magical door?

Diaper and wipe boxes may not be the best organizers, but they're already paid for!

And hopefully all of this organization will lead to an increase in fun times with these two goobers:


  1. I'm so proud of you! You're finally organized! What to do with all that space?

  2. Still a ways to go. Tonight I've been dealing with the piles of wtf is this in the guest room. But at least I feel creative in this space again, instead of wondering if any small animals are lurking in the piles.