Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Drawstring bag addiction

If you spend any time reading quilting/sewing blogs, you have probably been seeing a lot of adorable drawstring bags popping up, like I have.

I think most of them are using the fabulous tutorial by Jeni of In Color Order. She previously posted a tutorial for this great bag, and now has made a pattern available with several different sizes.

I've only finished one so far, but I love it SO MUCH. Probably an inappropriate amount!

My favorite color, one of my favorite fabric designers, and a well written pattern. It's the sewing trifecta!

So, here's the one I've finished:

And here's what I have prepped:

It was almost painful to cut in to some of my favorite fabrics. But ooh, the new, scrappy possibilities!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More blogging ahead!

I think all slacker bloggers (like me) swear they're going to start blogging more. But I really am!

I even made a long list of ideas for blog posts.

Now if I could only find where DS1 left the list....