Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spoon Swoon

I had already planned to make a Swoon quilt this year, but I was thinking it would be a spring project, kind of a birthday present to myself.

However, Katy at Im a Ginger Monkey decided to do a low-pressure Swoon-along. And sewing with a group of people sounds like a lot of fun! Plus, I figure if I have any questions (which I already do), the Twitterverse will be a great place to turn.

I am using Lizzy House's first fabric line, Lizzy Dish to make my Swoon quilt, and I'm calling it my Spoon Swoon quilt.

The quilt calls for 18 fat quarters. Right now I have 11 of the Lizzy Dish fabrics collected, and I just ordered two more from ebay. There are at least three more I would like as well, and I'm hoping I can track those down somehow. I'm also going to add in a few jewels and pearl bracelets.

I'm a bit stumped about what to use as a background though. The pattern is done in white, and most of the quilts I've seen in blogs and on flickr are done with white. But that much white scares the crap out of me! Not only do I have two little boys, but I'm a bit of a slopass myself, unfortunately. So I have some cogitating to do on that front.

Here's my fabric stack as it is right now

What do you think?


  1. Cute!! Are you still up for a nerdy low-pressure swap too, or should I join in on the Swoon fun? (this quilt looks seriously more advanced than anything I've ever done though!!) ~Kristina

  2. I am definitely still up for a nerdy low-pressure swap! I have lots of ideas floating around and I keep meaning to dm you. Of course it would be great if you decided to swoon too, so we can commiserate/celebrate together!