Friday, March 4, 2011

Circle Around

The first quilt blog I started reading was Jaybird Quilts . I fell in love with Julie Herman's Circle Around pattern from the Summer 2010 issue of Quilts & More at about the same time that I read her interview in Quilter's Home. It was the first time I really became aware of the modern quilt movement.

I have finally gotten around to making the Circle Around pattern. I had a few mistakes along the way learning to use the walking foot (which I am now in love with - just when you think it's going to pucker, the sewing fairy busts out her magic, and everything lays flat, and I am a happy woman). I also bought more black and white fabrics than I technically needed.

This has resulted in me having enough extra squares to make a smaller version for the boys.

The bad news is that this plays right in to the big boy's belief that every quilt I make should be for him. The good news is that this will give me a chance to practice the quilting before I get to the big quilt, which I really hope to give as a gift.

More good news...I finished it last night! I was supposed to be doing other chores and working on other projects, but I decided to do just a bit of quilting, and it was going so well that I kept going.

My third finish of the year, and my first for March. Yay!

Now on to those chores I didn't do last night....

(See the original pattern of the quilt on the cover of Quilts and More, Summer 2010 . I did put my own swing on it, which I will discuss when I post the "big quilt.")

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